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HubSpot CRM Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

With the support of HubSpot CRM, sales and marketing teams can manage contacts, track transactions, see the sales funnel in real time, choose which high-quality leads to pursue, and automate email marketing. We’ll be concentrating on the products of Sales Hub in this review.


Along with the FREE plan, HubSpot CRM has three paid plans.

      1. Starter plan
      2. Professional plan
      3. Enterprise plan

    Free Plan

    One deal pipeline, one team or department with unlimited members, and up to one million contacts, businesses, deals, or task details are included in each Free plan.

     The drawback is that there is no phone option; there is only online help.

    The FREE plan features are five templates, calling, five snippets, five documents, notifications, and a booking page.

    All HubSpot CRM plans integrate with more than 500 business apps, including Salesforce, Zapier, Gmail, Outlook, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and much more. When you feel confident using the free platform, you can choose to purchase more features as needed.

    To easily advance to the other premium tiers when prices start to mount, keep an eye on how much you are paying for the add-on features.

    Click here to visit HubSpot CRM website

    Sales Hub Starter

    Everything in the free plan is included in the Sales Hub Starter plan, including eight hours of calling per month and up to 5,000 templates, snippets, and documents. Under a single team account, there are two deal pipelines, limitless email open and click notifications, and other features. The available features in this plan are:

        • Prospect: The companies that are visiting your website and the pages they are engaging with the most are revealed by the prospect tool.

        • Messages: You can communicate with visitors in real time while they browse your website using messages.

        • Sequences: Sequences automates lead follow-up emails, saving your sales team substantial time.

      Sales Hub Professional Plan

      Everything from the Sales Hub Starter plan and more call time—16 hours per user per month—are included in the Professional plan. The additional features are:

          • Salesforce integration

          • Up to 10 teams

          • Smart send times

          • Up to 15 pipelines

          • Customized report builder

          • Up to 300 automated workflows

        A pretty cool addition to your arsenal of CRM tools is smart send times. HubSpot CRM advises which prospects and activities to watch after analysing sales actions using smart notifications.

        Sales representatives will find it simpler to identify leads who are ready to convert as a result.

        Sales Hub Enterprise

        Everything in the Professional package is also included in Sales Hub Enterprise, along with a number of additional features:

            • Sales analytics

            • Call transcription and recording

            • Quote approvals

            • Sales forecasting

            • Predictive lead scoring

            • E-signature

            • Single sign-on

            • Sales playbooks

          Click here to visit HubSpot CRM website

          HubSpot CRM Intuitive Dashboard

          The visual dashboard of HubSpot CRM is clear and uncomplicated and provides a real-time view of the whole sales funnel.

          You can alter the dashboard’s default modules by adding new ones or removing those that you don’t need.

          Additionally, the dashboard features an active area in the centre where you really perform the task.

          The top navigation ribbon can be used to further customise this space.

          Other Benefits

          You can conduct a lot of CRM related work from your inbox if you integrate your email with your HubSpot CRM account. When you open an email, a CRM window that displays relevant data from the programme appears in your inbox. You have the option to track open and click rates when you attach emails to CRM records. On the other hand, you can directly send emails from the software record.

          You can set up your calendar and use templates, sequences, and documents in your email.

          Is HubSpot CRM Right for You or Your Business?

          HubSpot CRM is a great option if you want to start using customer relationship management for the first time because it is simple to set up and operate. Its technologies were developed especially for small and mid-sized organisations to address the particular problems they face, such as small team sizes and a lack of resources.

          There are probably enough tools in the HubSpot Free plan to get you going. You can add tools as you need them or upgrade to other tiers as you become more adept and comfortable with CRM.


              • Free core CRM software

              • Lead behaviour notifications in real-time

              • Personalized email campaigns for both leads and current clients


                • The cost of per-user plans can add up for small businesses.

                • just one email per contact

              Click here to visit HubSpot CRM website


              HubSpot is a cloud-based It is appropriate for B2B and B2C companies operating in a variety of sectors, including retail, real estate, marketing, sales, construction, accounting, and more. HubSpot enables automated sales pipeline management, lead and contact management, email campaigning, and tracking for both inbound and outbound leads.


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