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Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers

Are you looking for the best cloud web hosting provider?

This blog explains cloud hosting and shows you some of the best cloud hosting companies in the market. You can use this article to select the cloud hosting package that best meets your website demands.

Cloud web hosting is the optimal solution for websites that place a high value on reliability, flexibility and rapidly gaining popularity. It is the most acceptable appropriate hosting solution for any growing business. 

When you use shared hosting, if your server goes down, so does your website. When a cloud server fails, other servers in the network step into the action to run the server smoothly.

Unlike traditional web hosting, which requires you to purchase a certain amount of resources such as bandwidth and RAM on a single server, cloud hosting distributes your website requirements over a vast virtual server housed on hardware in data centers worldwide.

Cloud hosting may be used for anything, from just hosting your emails to replacing your corporate server, and it is pretty simple to either add or reduce resources as needed using cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting has exclusively improved the hosting business by allowing clients to increase uptime, speed, scalability, and reliability.

Here is my collection of the best cloud web hosting services in 2021.

  1. HostGator – Best overall cloud web hosting
  2. Nexcess – Best eCommerce cloud hosting
  3. Hostinger – Best WordPress cloud hosting
  4. Cloudways – Best convenient cloud hosting
  5. DreamHost – Best affordable cloud web hosting

7 Best cloud web hosting providers

1. HostGator

In our analysis, HostGator is the best cloud hosting platform in the market.

If you want affordable and reliable cloud hosting, HostGator is the best cloud hosting provider to go because it provides unmetered storage, page speed, uptime, performance, and other factors.

The dashboard on HostGator makes it simple to monitor the operation of your website.

The HostGator cloud hosting technology distributes your site load over many virtual servers for more robust and flexible hosting, unlike traditional web hosting.

Scalability is the primary benefit of all cloud hosting solutions. If your site is experiencing high demand, you can quickly scale up to eight cores and 8GB RAM with a single click.

The features of HostGator cloud hosting are free SSL certificate, free domain name, integrated caching, resource management, intuitive dashboard, automated failover, and data mirroring.

HostGator offers three cloud hosting plans, all of which are priced between $4.95 and $9.95 per month, along with unlimited email accounts and a great deal of 45-day money-back guarantee.

The Business plan consists of a dedicated IP address, free SEO tools, and a free domain.

Click here to visit HostGator’s Cloud Hosting

2. Nexcess

Nexcess is one of the best cloud web hosting providers for eCommerce websites and offers cloud hosting solutions for growing enterprises.

Nexcess is an obvious choice for an eCommerce firm with ambitious growth goals, especially when combined with the scalability of cloud hosting.

Their main eCommerce services are WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and Magento hosting.

Nexcess Cloud Accelerator is one of my favourite tools, helps increase your site performance to attract visitors.

They also offer a dedicated support service available 24/7 to assist your company with any technical difficulties or if you wish to switch programs.

Nexcess provides many unique features, such as auto-scaling, PCI compliance, SEO tools, and many development tools for complete autonomy and customization.

Click here to visit Nexcess Cloud Hosting

3. Hostinger

Hostinger provides three low-cost cloud hosting plans with outstanding features such as unmetered bandwidth, speed improvements from its custom-built infrastructure, and a free domain name for one year.

Hostinger’s control panel is user-friendly and easy to understand for beginners to start building the website.

Hostinger’s security capabilities are particularly excellent and offer a free SSL certificate with each plan. You can also integrate with CloudFlare for further safety against hackers and assaults.

Hostinger offers you the 99.9% uptime guarantee and provides you relatively fast connections and outstanding performance.

The hosting clients appreciate a free dedicated IP address with any of their cloud hosting services, which is fantastic.

Click here to visit Hostinger’s Cloud Hosting

4. Cloudways

Cloudways is among the best cloud server hosting that offers you the managed cloud hosting powered by Amazon, Google, or Digital Ocean.

It is configured via an online dashboard that is just as simple to use the relatively primary competition.

You can host your cloud servers from 25 global locations, and you can select the area and city yourself. It ensures you’ll always be too far away from your servers, which is ideal for site performance. 

If you have a large, sophisticated website that requires robust hosting but cannot afford enterprise-class solutions, Cloudways can be your choice. The Cloudways plans are more adaptable than their competitors.

It’s all extremely customizable, and a free trial allows you to test the product without providing any credit card information.

Click here to visit Cloudways website

5. DreamHost

A cloud web hosting provider may have the best hosting capabilities in the world, but if its price is out of your budget, it will be unable to serve you. Fortunately, DreamHost makes cloud hosting available to everyone.

DreamHost offers the industry’s most simple and easy cloud setup.

DreamHost cloud is great for designers. In addition to websites, they provide server solutions for databases, web applications, and performing tests.

DreamHost also grants you full root access to your cloud servers, allowing you total control over them.

If you want to create apps online, DreamHost’s cloud computing services provide many resources at a low cost. 

All cloud hosting plans provide discount offers for annual invoicing rather than monthly payments.

You can operate DreamHost cloud hosting on Linux, BSD, or Windows in a serverless environment using the newest SSD storage and next-generation CPUs.

Click here to visit DreamHost website


Cloud web hosting is an excellent choice for growing websites to manage their overall operations. 

Suppose your shared plan no longer meets the demands of your site. In that case, you should consider moving to a cloud solution, which may provide you with additional storage space, resources, and performance capacity.

However, not all cloud hosting is created equal. It is up to you to ultimately determine the cloud hosting solution according to your needs.

It will help if you prepare your priorities, including pricing, scalability level, reliability, expert support, etc., before you sign up for your suitable cloud hosting provider.

  1. HostGator – Best overall cloud web hosting
  2. Nexcess – Best eCommerce cloud hosting
  3. Hostinger – Best WordPress cloud hosting
  4. Cloudways – Best convenient cloud hosting
  5. DreamHost – Best affordable cloud web hosting

Finally, I appreciate you reading this blog on the best cloud web hosting provider, and I wish you all the best.


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